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Voices of the Wells

- Aquarius New Moon, Partial Solar Eclipse
- Lunar Imbolc, sacred to Brigid of the Sacred Flame and Holy Well
- also, Chinese New Year of the Earth Dog (more on this another time)
- 15 February 2018 @ 1:06pm PST
- elemental focus: air
- body focus: mind and voice

Stories “in-form” us - they are part of this body of work called Life. The primary story in-forming Imbolc for me this year is the “Maidens of the Wells” from a French text called The Elucidation. Over a period of a few weeks, I came across it three times in three different places. In Celtic cosmology, three is a most sacred number. When something occurs three times, you can be sure that it is not random - the Great Mystery is trying to get your attention! And specifically, the message could be coming from the Great Goddess, as She appears in three forms - maiden, mother, crone. 

Here is re-telling of this powerful story:

Once upon a time, long ago and far away, but just the other day in the valley across the way…The land was lush with all kinds of riches, fields of green, rivers of silver and gold, trees laden with fruit, diamonds glittering on the soles of every shoe, and wells, so many wells of deep magic and mystery. 

If you happened upon one of these sacred wells, a maiden dressed in purest white would greet you with a plate of your favorite food. She would dip her golden grail into the well and offer you the water, saying as you drank deeply: “May you never hunger, may you never thirst, may you always walk in peace.” And so you would gratefully walk on, refreshed to the depths of your very soul.

For many years, this was the way of the land. The waters flowed freely and the people knew great abundance, never fearing, never lacking.

One day, a new King put on the golden crown. He drank too deeply of the mead, ate until he was overfull, and indulged in the riches, mining the land for all the gold and jewels he could find. And still the land provided. Until…

The King happened upon a sacred well where he was greeted by a maiden dressed in purest white who served his favorite food and water from her golden grail. But, he was not satisfied. No. He threw the maiden to the ground and took from her more than she would ever willingly give to him. The very rocks cried out and the water of the well drained, leaving it completely dry. He stole her golden grail and forced her into servitude. But, the grail disappeared, for he could never own that most precious treasure. Never.

Across the land, the men emulated their King, raping the maidens of the wells. The waters withdrew. The grass turned brown. The silver and gold tarnished. The trees withered. And the gems lost their sheen. All that was left was a Wasteland, barren of al riches, bereft of the maidens’ voices and the Goddess’ graces. 

You know this, too, yes? For when the Voices of the Wells, the spirit of the Maidens, the Dreams of the Earth are lost, the lifeblood is drained and we find ourselves in the midst of a Wasteland. 

It takes courage, deep courage, to free yourself from captivity, to return to the land, to call forth once more the waters that run in the river beneath the river. And so, it is time we gather again in sacred ceremony, re-sacralizing our deepest desires and passions for life, reclaiming our voices and speaking for the land. 


You won’t be the only voice speaking out in the wilderness. The Voices of the Wells are gurgling up from the depths. We are rising together en masse. After being silenced and parched for so long, our words may sound angry. But, underneath the anger is sadness, and underneath the sadness is longing, and underneath the longing is Belonging. Healing. Peace.

Return to the well within you - the dreaming portal connected directly to Source. Dream and serve once more for the new and ancient Earth. 

Blessed Be,

Re-visioning & Connecting

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