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beauty way: Breathe, Live & Dream Aloha

Aloha, I greet you with love and a dream to share.

Months ago, before I chose to turn my life inside out and upside down, like a wild arm balance variation, I had a dream. In the dream, I gathered my yoga students around, and invited them on two retreats: one to Hawaii in June and one to Italy in August. Some faces I recognized from waking life, some were new. 

I believe that dreams carry messages, invitations, revelations and directives. This one felt like one of the clearest directives I’ve ever received. Within the week, “A Mystical Immersion into the Aloha Spirit” was ready for the world, Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center booked, and over half of the spots reserved. 

I extend this Dream’s invitation of Aloha to you today:

Take a few deep breaths. Allow your mind to soften and your imagination to brighten. Come with me on a journey of the heart to the beautiful island of Hawaii. Come, immerse yourself in Aloha, the sacred energy of the islands. 

Listen. Hawaii is calling. Can you hear the song of the waves, and the whispering hiss of lava flowing into the sea? Breathe. Can you smell the sweet scent of tropical flowers, and taste the salty ocean on your lips? Look. Can you see the vibrant colors of the rainbow infusing every living, growing thing? Feel. Can you feel your body unwinding into perfect peace and utter bliss? Hawaii is calling you to awaken into and through Aloha.

Hawaii is an island of alchemy - in the merging, mixing quality of the elements is an incredible power of transformation and awakening. Air carries the heavy scent of earth and flowers. Fire flows like water. Water surrounds and moves the island, at times more grounding than soil. Earth shifts and changes like the wind with the ocean tides and lava flows.

In this way, Hawaii invites us into the joy and mystery of embodiment. These islands can teach you how to enjoy and express your sensual primal beautiful magical nature. A dedicated asana and meditation practice will build a resilient physical vessel capable of feeling and channeling these higher spiritual frequencies of Aloha. 

Alo means “face-to-face” and ha means “divinity, or the divine breath of life.”  Through the energy of Aloha we come face to face with Divinity in the spirit of love and peace. In saying Aloha to each other, we are essentially saying: “I greet the divine in you.” Aloha. Namaste.

Greet yourself and all beings with Aloha. Know who you are and where you come from. Learn from the natural rhythms of your body as well as the sacred elements, land and sea how to fully embody and express Aloha, your birthright to joy, peace and love. 

Share the love, the light, the breath, the power, the divine essence that embodies as you. Love and compassion will naturally spring forth. Know that everything in the universe responds to love and kindness. Infuse your practices with Aloha and trust that All is coming. Dream well, my friends.

Aloha nui loa, Great love forever,
Dr. Jenn

“A Mystical Immersion into the Aloha Spirit” is a yoga and meditation immersion for women at Kalani Oceanside Retreat Center on the Big Island. June 10-16, 2016. Contact for more details and to register. Aloha.

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