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session 13

Cead mile failte. A hundred thousand welcomes, and thank you for your Dreams.

Dreamers, it has been many months since we have gathered around our devices and shared in this form of Dreamtime. I am in the midst of writing a handbook on Dreamwork and traveling around the country, hopping to a new place every week or so. Interestingly enough, writing the Dream book has borrowed quite a bit of energy from my personal Dreamtime and I am not remembering my Dreams. For months I was discouraged about this, thinking it to be a sign that I should put my focus elsewhere. But, it is a both/and kind of thing – I am reminded that we must do the work in the inner and outer worlds. Dreaming is not just for the night or imaginative mind. Life is a Dream and while we are here, we have a responsibility to live our Dreams fully.

Just a reminder: when I do this form of Dream work, I write as if it were my Dream as well as our Dream. This gives you a chance to receive it as if it were your Dream. So, allow yourself to drop in, receive, Dream and live into this oracle.

we dream of Finding Home

 I dream I go to Hawaii. There is a house for sale for $80k. I buy it outright for $100k. I am so happy. There are wild cats (bobcat size) in the pool. They are playing and lounging in the water. I see some in the tree nearby as well. I feel I need to scare them away to feel safe. So I do.

 the Finding Home oracle

 To go to Hawaii is a living Dream for so many. Hawaii is a Dream in itself: a string of islands, rich with history and mystery, lush with vegetation and stark in beauty, alive with Aloha (and its shadow of fierce protection), and in a visible state of evolution. There are places on the islands where you can nearly see plants grow. There are also places where you can observe sea and lava changing the topography of the land. It is a land made by fire, the element of transformation and transmutation; in the middle of the ocean, the primordial soup of infinite possibility.

What are your personal associations with Hawaii? Close your eyes and imagine yourself there. How does it feel in your body? What sensations and emotions are evoked by this simple visualization?

Can you imagine being thrilled to buy a house outright for more than the asking price? Isn’t it often the reverse – that we are happy to get a good deal and pay less? I see this as an example of knowing the true value of what we love and desire. When we love something, we are willing to go above and beyond the minimum requirements. When we love someone, we go above and beyond what is asked.

When in your life have you been happy to give more than the bare minimum? When have you offered more than what was asked of you?

Now, to be realistic for a moment, a nice house in Hawaii would not be listed for $80k, or even $100k. To find a house with a pool under a quarter million is quite fantastic! So, let’s look beyond the numbers as referring to dollars, to numbers as symbols in and of themselves.

8-0. Eighty is the price. Eight is the number of ripeness and readiness. There is a steadiness in 8, 2x4, doubling four, a number of wholeness and manifestation. The Zero is infinite possibility, nothing and everything. This is the asking price: that we be ready for anything that comes our way. 

1-0-0. One-hundred is the price actually paid. One-hundred as the first 3-digit number symbolizes the beginning of something entirely new. The price paid, is moving on from outgrown ways, and opening to a whole new expression of living and being. This is paid with joy.

Think of a question or opportunity you are facing at the moment. Are you ready? Are you willing to process what has been and progress to the next level, no matter what it takes?

 A house can symbolize the body and/or soul. Think of it this way: home in waking life is where we may be physically/emotionally nourished and regenerated. It is often the center of family life and a place to return to after a long day of work or week(s) on the road. Home is where the heart is. Right?

Yes, and not always…home can also be a place that is not safe. It can be filled with danger and abuse. It can be the empty nest, full in its longing and loneliness. It can be a Dream of something longed for - a place of true belonging. 

Look at the state of houses in your Dreams and waking life. Imagine the house in this Dream. What do you see and feel? What is “home” to you?

 In this Dream, we are on a quest and we find a house, a place to call home. But, there is one small problem: wild cats playing in the pool and lounging in the tree.

Can you imagine the scene?!? What would you do if this were your Dream? Would you run? Would you jump in with them? Would you call for help? Would you yell and chase them away? Track closely your emotional and instinctual responses. You'll learn a lot about your nature.

Unlike an ocean, lake or river, the boundaries of a pool are clear. This manmade structure is designed to contain or hold water. Water is the Great Mystery, Spirit, and Mother.

Water is also home to the emotional body. We can look to the way water presents in Dreams and see how it mirrors our emotional well-being. I personally find it wonderful that the wild ones are at ease in the pool, and readily leave when asked. 

Water held in a pool may also indicate one’s relationship to spirituality being contained in some way – this is not necessarily a good or bad thing. Containers help us know where we stand in relation to things, and how sweet it is to have a perspective on where we are with the Divine - the Great Unknown!

We know by the markings on the walls where to find the deep end, and where it is safe to dive in. We can swim in this water, but not drink it. The water is treated and usually free of wild animals and plant life. So, in a Dream pool, we have guidelines for relating to the Water-Mystery in our lives.

How is your relationship with the Great Mystery? Spirit? Mother? God?

What about your relationship with yourself? your emotions? your instinctual nature?

As for the tree, it bridges the Under, Middle and Upper Worlds via roots, trunk and branches. The tree takes in nourishment from the earth, sun and rain, transmuting these elemental energies into itself. Any time I see a tree in a Dream, I have a sense connection - wisdom from the above, below and middle realms is present. 

Visualize the tree in your Dream of this Dream. What is the state of this tree? Is there anything unusual (seemingly out of place) in the tree? 

Now, let’s take a closer look at the wild cats. The cats are a threat to the Dreamer’s sense of safety. Why is this? Cats (even house cats to some degree) carry primal instinctual energy. They move with a sleek grace and nearly always land on their feet when they fall or leap. 

Perhaps the Dreamer knows they do not belong here in domesticated confinement. It can be easy to settle into the relative safety of a domesticated enclosure. But, our wild nature is just that – WILD. It seems to me that the Dream is making a distinction between the undomesticated and tamed aspects of ourselves, and encouraging the balance of freedom and safety.  The Dream is also showing me the right use of fear. 

What is your relationship to the Wild in and around you? How can you use fear as an ally to enhance both freedom and safety in the world?

“I feel I need to scare them away to feel safe. So I do.”

I feel such a deep sense of empowerment and solidarity running through this Dream, especially in this last statement. Some part of us knows what it (s/he) needs to feel safe. It’s as if the Dream is saying you’ve got this, whatever this may be. You have the resources to do what you are meant to do and be who you are meant to be:

  • Intuition. Check.
  • Finances. Check.
  • Home. Check.
  • Boundaries. Check.
  • Skills. Check.
  • Voice. Check.
  • Power. Check.
  • Freedom. Check.

You’ve got this. We’ve got this.

What will it take? What will it cost…to make the Dream come true?

dream tip

Give yourself a break. If and when you do not recall your nighttime Dreams, record an event from your day as if it were a Dream. In this way, begin (or continue) to shift your perspective on Dreaming vs. waking reality. Live as if you are in a Dream; Dream as if you are awake. Let me know how this goes for you.

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 If you are interested in a deeper dive into Dreaming, I have a few options opening to you. I am creating packages for 1:1 dream oracle sessions, so you and I can explore your Dreams together in a more personal way. You'll be amazed at the wisdom that moves through you and as you. I am also organizing the technical support for Triad Group Dreaming where I will guide you in methods for embodied oracular dream exploration. And finally, my e-book for Dreaming is in the final stages of editing - it seems to have a life of its own, maturing at a much slower pace than I had originally planned, so I'm midwifing it along and encouraging an immanent birth into the world (ready or not!).


In all manner of things and ways, may you be well and blessed with abundance. May you hear the voice of your intuition and follow your Dreams home into freedom.

 sweet dreams & blessed be,


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