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ODE: Oracular Dream Exploration

Throughout human memory, Dreamers have been keepers of Wisdom, prophets, oracles, shamans, and healers... 

ODE: A Guide to Dreaming the World Awake

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Written by Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane with original artwork by Katrin Kuttner

Written by Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane with original artwork by Katrin Kuttner

Oracular Dream Exploration (ODE) was birthed through the dream oracles sessions - blogs that explore the often odd and unusual language of dreams and invite readers into the wondrous world of collective Dreaming. 

ODE is an amalgamation of years of study, Jungian psychoanalysis, esoteric practices, and Dreaming. It is a method of Dreamwork that opens us to the questions and answers that live within our cells. It is an embodied devotional practice – a way of creatively engaging with the Dreamtime, and romancing the Soul through Dreams.

One of the hallmarks of ODE is looking for questions within the Dreams. Most styles of Dreamwork seek answers and guidance. This method is more about finding questions that lead to greater freedom, forgiveness, and compassion. Often living into the questions is more helpful in the long term than grasping after short-term answers. It may not be the easiest or most understood path, but it leads to greater depth and truth.

Dream oracle readings

Our dreams carry wisdom from our Souls. We can look at dream dictionaries for clues, but meaning is embedded within the context of a dream and life. A dream oracle reading provides you with a way into the Great Mystery of your Dreamtime. 

These dream oracle readings are channeled, and are intended to open your senses and ability to perceive the extra-ordinary realm of Dreams in a new way. Available on Etsy

Introduction to Oracular Dream Exploration (ODE)

Introduction to Oracular Dream Exploration (ODE) is an online self-study course into the mystical, mythical, palpable, actionable aspects of dream exploration. Learn the ways your Soul speaks through Dreams, and how you can bring those messages into waking life. MOVE more fluidly in and out of Dreamtime; FEEL a greater sense of wonder; DRINK from  your own deep well of Wisdom and undercurrent of Truth; BE nourished. 

the dream oracle sessions


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