Winter Solstice: Darkness Gives Way to Hygge and Light

Before the Roman calendar there was the Wheel of the Year - cycles guided by Sun and Moon. There are 8 primary points or gateways on the wheel. In the Northern Hemisphere, the Winter Solstice marks the northern gate, ushering us into the realm of magic governed by the element of earth. Earth is the power of manifestation and the wisdom of the ancestors. Earth is the enduring memory in bones, trees, ice and stones. Earth is the coziness and love shared in physical connection with one another. 

Tender and Strong: Taurus Full Moon, Full Heart

A new order is in the early stages of labor, causing ripples of contraction throughout the world. An old order is in its death throws, and there are personal and collective repercussions. We would do well to contemplate our inner and outer lives, to look to our patterns and behaviors, to loosen our grip and open our hands and hearts...

Go Deep and Deeper Still

When we go into the dark time of the year, our consciousness shifts and we have the opportunity to explore and heal our hidden wounds and shadows -  all the times that “make or break” us. Or is it break and make us?

Dreams are Guides

Dreams are direct communications from/with our souls. If we are attentive, they’ll show us the way home to our essential self. They’ll put up sign posts to show us the way home. They’ll even point out the pits and traps that could harm or hinder our journey through waking life. And more, they’ll provide solutions to problems and ways out of the mess.