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Tender and Strong: Taurus Full Moon, Full Heart

Tender and Strong: Taurus Full Moon, Full Heart

(inspired by the Taurus Full Moon of 2018 - October 24 @ 9:47am PT)

How is it with your Soul this day with all the changes afoot? 

A new order is in the early stages of labor, causing ripples of contraction throughout the world. An old order is in its death throws, and there are personal and collective repercussions. We would do well to contemplate our inner and outer lives, to look to our patterns and behaviors, to loosen our grip and open our hands and hearts...

I invite you to pause as the Moon waxes, reaching her fullness at 9:47am PT on Wednesday, October 24. Take a deep breath. All the way down to your feet. As you exhale, feel your toes and your heels sink down. Feel yourself making contact with Earth in a simple, real way. 

Draw down the power of the Moon and allow the luminous light transmute any energies of despair, negativity, irritating, frustration, aggression - both personally and collectively.

Create simple rituals to nurture your whole self so that you can respond from a place of resourcefulness - listen to inspiring words, read poetry, write, eat nourishing food, light candles at the dinner table, take a warm bath with salt and oils, wrap yourself up in your grandmother’s blanket, curl up with a cup of tea, day dream…

Personally, I’ve been in a tender space this past week, dropping into melancholy, floating in contentment, descending into despair, ascending with gratitude, and laughing with pure joy as my son’s awesome personality comes out more and more. At times I feel full like the Ocean and at other times, a lonely puddle. 

My wild soul is crying as I listen to the plight of the Orcas

And I’m crying still, feeling the disheartening-discouraging descent of the Earth. BUT, my tears are not entirely sad because in this time, I’m also remembering my own labor and the fiery transition stage that I felt would rip me apart! I’m recalling the words of my midwife that comforted and assured me I would make it through and my son would be born through me, healthy and whole. So, I know that this too shall pass - this is a time of Revolutionary Love, and there is hope - LOVE will prevail.

This is also my son’s lunar birthday! He was born 13 hours after the Taurus Full Moon a year ago. So, this is the Moon which made me a Mother. And my Mother’s heart knows love. My Mother’s heart resonates fully with Valarie Kaur’s words on Revolutionary Love: 

“Joy is the gift of love. Grief is the price of love. And anger is the force that protects it.” 

I invite you to allow yourself to feel it all - the fullness and tenderness of an open heart. 

Magical Ally: Magnolia

* Each moon I will share a magical ally - herbal, crystal, mineral, etc - to help you create a growing collection of resources and support. 

Magnolia is associated with Taurus, earthy!and sensual. The flowers bloom twice a year and are harvested early in the morning or late at night, when their fragrance is most robust and sensual.

The oil can be used to reduce addictions and obsessions, support devotional practices (sadhana), soothe anxiety, promote relaxation, ease restlessness, cultivate tranquility, create harmony and invoke peace.

This is an ideal plant ally now to help us all through the difficulty and chaos of Change. With Magnolia’s assistance, we can free ourselves from addictions - emotions, thoughts, behaviors, substances, jobs, places, people, etc. 

Rub the oil on your pulse points and breathe deeply to soothe anxiety. Massage the oil on your feet for restful sleep. Put a few drops of oil in your palms, rub together, inhale and then sit for meditation. Place the waxy green leaves under your pillow to invite dreams of love. Scatter leaves around your home for protection and harmony. 

dōTERRA has a beautiful new Magnolia essential oil that smells like a sultry southern night. I’m happy to help you get these oils at Wholesale if you’re interested. 

Blessed Be,
Jennifer Marie

“May the protection of the ancestors be yours...”

“May the protection of the ancestors be yours...”

Go Deep and Deeper Still

Go Deep and Deeper Still