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Dreams are Guides

Dreams are Guides

I have a bundle of mugwort near my bed that I connect with each night before sleep. It was gifted to me by a new friend several months ago after we had a wonderful conversation about dreams. 

This mugwort spoke to him in his dreams - he heard her calling to him by ne and asking him to find her by the river. The next morning, he followed his dream to the river, and found wild mugwort growing abundantly. The dream actually GUIDED him to a place in waking life. Amazing, right?! 

See, dreams can be that clear. It’s not so frequent these days, or maybe it is, but we generally don’t have the mindset aligned to hear, remember and respond...Maybe those dreams are still here, but we’ve lost the connection to and the resonance with that consciousness, in favor of deductive reasoning and rational ways of thinking...

I’m of the belief that dreams are guides.

Dreams are direct communications from/with our souls. If we are attentive, they’ll show us the way home to our essential self. They’ll put up sign posts and leave behind breadcrumbs. They’ll even point out the pits and traps that could harm or hinder our journey through waking life. And more, they’ll provide solutions to problems and ways out of the mess. 

Knowing this is possible, knowing that dreams are powerful wayshowers, threshold keepers, and wisdom teachers, now what? How do you remember? How do you work with them and learn their unique way of communicating? How do you weave their messages into your waking life?

Make an alliance with your Dreamtime.

In the liminal space between waking and sleeping, and sleeping and waking, whisper into the field around you that you are ready to listen, ready to remember, ready to learn, ready to respond, You can also offer a specific question to the Dreams...

When you awaken, record the messages - everything you recall, especially if it doesn’t make any sense to your logical mind - and let the gathered bits of dreams steep in your consciousness. Steep like a good tea that you’ll soon sit with and savor, tasting its complexity, wondering about its constituents, exploring its richness, easing into its mystery. 

There are many practical methods to assist remembrance: a dream journal by your bed, an intention/prayer to remember, and a practice of recalling the details of your day as you turn towards the night (this primes the mind to recall details of your night dreams)...these are a few ways. I go into more practices in my book, ODE: A Guide to Dreaming the World Awake.

And then there are more magical, witchy ways - the use of herbs, crystals, medicine bundles and spells...mmmmm….

If this intrigues you, I’ll set up a webinar (free) to share some dream magic

Until then...

Open up to one of the Dreamer’s greatest allies: MUGWORT. Mugwort has a long history as an herb of protection, divination and astral projection. Here are a few uses for the herb:

  • Place a bundle of mugwort under your pillow to enhance your Dreamtime and protect you from dark forces. Combining mugwort with lavender, rosemary, bay and a bit of chamomile makes for a lovely sleep & dream sachet.

  • Make an infusion sweetened with honey for divination. 

  • Burn as an incense to shift your mind from the mundane to the magical. 

Here’s a great resource for more on the magical history and uses of MUGWORT.

Sweet Dreams my friends,
Jennifer Marie

(image: Photo by Johannes Plenio on Unsplash)

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