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Live Into the Questions

Live Into the Questions

- Pisces Full Moon
- August 26, 2018 @ 4:58am PT
- elemental focus: water
- body focus: emotional

As the moon waxes into fullness, I invite you to question your perceptions and chosen reality. The full moon in Pisces blurs the edges of reality, softening the border between truth and fantasy, known and Unknown, seen and Unseen....dissolving illusions and revealing Mysteries to those who have ears to hear and eyes to see...

Do you believe in a Higher Power? Is your belief made stronger or weaker by questioning?

Do you have faith? In what? In who? 

Do you trust? Where, when and in what do you place your trust?

What do you know? What is the Source of your knowing/knowledge?

Sit with these questions as the Moon waxes and wanes. Surround yourself in the mandorla to support the shift of consciousness and awareness (listen to the Pisces Full Moon Transmission). And LIVE into the Questions.

“Logos” by Mary Oliver 

Why worry about the loaves and fishes?
If you say the right words, the wine expands.
If you say them with love
and the felt ferocity of that love
and the felt necessity of that love,
the fish explode into many.
Imagine him, speaking,
and don’t worry about what is reality,
or what is plain, or what is mysterious.
If you were there, it was all those things.
If you can imagine it, it is all those things.
Eat, drink, be happy.
Accept the miracle.
Accept, too, each spoken word

spoken with love.

I’d love to hear how this goes for YOU!

Love, Jennifer

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