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Spring Cleaning, Peace through the Laundry

Before we get into the post for this week's New Moon, here is a link to a ritual for you!

- Pisces New Moon
- March 17, 2018 @ 6:11am PST
- elemental focus: water
- body focus: emotional

Today is laundry day at the Ranch. It’s also nearly the New Moon - a time to clear out the old and set intentions for the next cycle, which will usher us through Ostara (Spring Equinox), Easter, Passover and a beautiful Libra Blue Moon.

With an extra person in my little family, the laundry bin (physical and emotional) fills up more quickly. So, we have to intentionally carve out time to do the washing and shadow-working. My way is through physical movement that exhausts my physical body and sidesteps my overactive mind, so I can meditate and communicate more clearly and lovingly. When my husband and I do our inner and outer work, we are better partners, parents and people. 

Perhaps your dirty laundry bin is filling up as well, and ready for a big wash and dry? If so, be careful not to get caught up in a shame cycle!

So yes, it’s time for an emotional Spring Cleaning. There is a book titled, After the Ecstasy, the Laundry. Have you read it? I have not, but I love the concept. During this Pisces New Moon, our challenge is to find the ecstasy through the laundry, the clear sight through the challenges, the compassion under the shame, the peace under and through it all. 

I see an image of dirty, sudsy water in a wash bin. I see a woman with hands chapped and red as she meticulously cleans her bedsheets until they are white again. Once she hangs the sheets to dry in the sun, she returns to the tub. She looks around to see if anyone is watching, then peers into the water, reading the swirls of soap and scum for signs, divining guidance as her intuitive mind and mystical heart are activated…She tosses out the dirty water and refills the tub with fresh, clear water, ready for what will come. 

We are called to look deeply into the surface of our lives, and see, really see. This is not the time to escape through spiritual practices. This is the time for full presence with all that is, experiencing our mystical hearts in our daily lives and nightly dreams…for, many of our dreams rise out of waking actions and emotions…and with this Pisces Moon and Sun, you may find that your dream life is more active as you work through heightened emotional states from waking life. 

As we approach the Pisces New Moon, we dream into the very heart of our emotional core. We can each and all choose to do our dirty laundry (actual, emotional, metaphorical). We can call in the Mystic Heart of Compassion in our waking and sleeping dreams. We can experience deep peace within.

What are you dreaming into being through your day? Are you feeding unconscious intentions that may not be serving the highest heart way? How can you bring yourself more fully, deeply into dreaming the life you love here and now? How can you see through the scum and find peace?

If you happen to be in the Bay Area at the end of the month, join me for PEACE rituals with the Blue Moon - a meditation and a yoga ceremony. We can also work together through the Dreamtime - dream oracle readings and dream incubation rituals. 

This work is for you; for your family and community; for the world; for the new and ancient Earth.


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