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73. mystical musing: Setting intentions with the Great Mother

(inspired by the New Year & Cancer Full Moon of 2018)

Be forewarned and prepared, this full moon may be emotionally and psychically intense! But have no fear, She’s got you and She will carry you into the new year with a Fierce Love.

This full moon is in Cancer, the zodiac sign associated with the Great Mother and family dynamics. It also happens to fall on the evening of January 1 - perfect for setting intentions around nurturing ourselves, each other and the planet. Explore how you can be the Great Mother, Nurturer for your sweet self. 

Some questions to muse over:

  • How do i mother/nurture myself? How do i make space for inner and outer, family and career, self and community, local and global peace actions? 
  • What can i do to create havens of peace and thriving?
  • What needs to be held close and what is ready to be released out into the world with love and trust?

See how these questions and others that are on your heart set the tone for the year ahead. Allow this full moon to amplify your intentions, hopes and dreams. Act in alignment with these inner desires for the greater good.

May the Great Mother, Holy Mother, Blessed Mother nurture and bless you through this year and all of your life. 

Blessings to all!

Meditation on the Ming-Men/Ma, the Seat of Life, inspired by Tom Kenyon: It is through the Seat of Life, Ming-Men/Ma that we are nourished. The Ming-Men/Ma is located at the umbilicus. It is here that the umbilical cord attached in utero, a tether to the Mother and source of nourishment. Through this point, we receive life force energy - vitality. Through this point, we connect with the Great Mother. We - and all our intentions, hopes and dreams - are nurtured. All our needs are met. All is well and all shall be well.

NOTE: January will be the last month with the initial Beauty, Love & Magic version of Patreon posts. This page is entering a phase of re-visioning. I’m not sure if i will keep it going through the remodel, or if it will close. So, take this time to download any meditations or musings that you want to keep. I also have them all saved and can email some to you if you prefer. As this page transitions, i will be putting more energy into writing and dreamwork - editing the 2nd edition of ODE for print, creating an ODE workbook, and offering online and in-person Dream Temples.

A hint of what may come via Patreon: I am collaborating with my husband to create a forum with text/video/audio prescriptions for Health and Vitality. Posts will include Functional Medicine, Ancestral Nutrition, Movement, Meditation and other inspirations for the Whole Self (body/heart/mind/spirit/soul). It’s in the process of creation, so stay tuned!

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