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57. mystical musing: Through the Chaos

I am sitting here in the desert praying, wondering, watching, waiting as nearly the whole world seems to be consumed in fires, floods, winds and quakes. It’s an odd place to be, as i’m also participating in the beautiful Bhakti Festival with wonderful friends celebrating devotional yoga through kirtan, meditation, asana, and dance. I feel deep in my bones and in the flow of emotions, the ever-changing rhythm and polarity of life. 

Stability is contrary to this entropic universe. There is no box of safety where everything remains steady, reliable, known. Nothing is concrete. Nature breaks up and through even the most solid structures. 

Yet, humanity adds an extra ounce or ton of struggle to the mix, thinking we can keep Her at bay through our concrete structures, metal chains, and pipes. But, no matter what, in the end, Nature wins. Somehow. Someway. She breaks the chains that bind…even if She must sacrifice Herself in the process.

In referring to Artemis, goddess of the hunt, Joseph Campbell writes: “Life is killing life all the time, and so the goddess kills herself in the sacrifice of her own animal.” She is the deer and the huntress. Giver of life and death, all knowing, all seeing. The eye of the storm is not blind. 

She has moved from calling out for help to raging and destroying. We are experiencing her Wild reclaiming the wild. She is not the one who needs saving. 

We, in the majority, have been entitled brats, taking advantage of Her nurturing Nature, believing we could misbehave and misuse without consequence. Yet, the crimes against Her have not gone unnoticed. We are experiencing a time of chaos. 

Tom Kenyon describes this time as “a crescendo of interlocking Chaotic Nodes.” Some of us are more sensitive to the time acceleration and vibratory shifts as we move through this chaos of planetary reorganization. 

As humanity polarizes, we actually need the depolarization of chaos. Chaos is a cosmic soup, a timeless moment between one state and the next. Cells go through this with each and every replication. In that moment, the choice is to continue as is, or make a conscious code change. 

May we all care for one another, finding comfort in the humanity that is revealed and the codes that are awakened through the chaos. May we all rise up together in prayer and love for this precious planet we live with. May all who are affected by the forces of Nature be held and supported by seen and unseen hands. 

With Love,

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