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69. Mystical Musing: The Magical Mundane

(inspired by the Gemini Full Moon of 2017)

Earlier this week i was having a conversation with a sister from the priestess path i walk, and she said a phrase that i fell in love with: “the magical mundane”. She saw magic in the changing colors of the leaves and the mountains rising above and around her. She felt connected to something greater, higher, deeper. She rediscovered her innate wisdom. 

She wasn’t looking for mystical creatures, but what she found was a natural way into her intuition, unmediated by a teacher or practice. Although our practices build bridges to reconnect with our intuition, when we rely on them too heavily, we block the flow.

So, for a moment forget all you “know” and stop looking for what you can’t see. Open your eyes to see what is here before you. Open your ears to hear the song being sung all around and through you. Open your whole self to the magical mundane. In this paradoxical way, the invisible realms - the Great Mystery - will be revealed.

When we open to what is here before and within us, we follow our curiosities and we find ourselves walking down our Soul path. We are no longer subject to the hard and fast rules of this current society, or to maps handed down by teachers, philosophies, religions and such. We are free to draw our own map. We are free to write our own story. We are free to communicate directly with the Divine flowing in and through us and All. 

May you be blessed by the Magical Mundane of your life. This is it.
Blessed be,

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