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70. Mystical Musing: Soul Work

(inspired by a Mercury Retrograde of 2017)

Yesterday my son turned 5 weeks old. I gaze into his eyes with wonder at the deep ocean of wisdom and bright light of stars. Now that my body has mostly recovered, i have a hard time believing that he actually grew from a star-seed in my womb and came through me into this “land of the breathing”. 

Yet, i will never forget the experience that left me utterly changed. He is woven into my soul’s purpose - being a mother and creating an environment where he thrives - where we all remember our wholeness and thrive together in peace. Through our interconnectedness as a human tribe alongside animal, plant and mineral tribes, our thriving and living into our destiny supports All. 

Can you track a moment that awakened you to your soul’s purpose and completely shifted your trajectory? Do you live in a way that honors that pivotal moment? 

Here are some further questions for you to muse over:

  • Do you believe that you can truly alchemize any situation and reveal an essence that is aligned with your soul’s purpose?
  • Do you have a sense of your soul’s purpose? Are you living it? Can you possibly not live into it?
  • Do you see your life as a series of random events, or can you track threads of connection weaving everything together into a tapestry? 
  • Do you believe in Fate? The unseen hands and weavers? 
  • Does the idea that you were born with a destiny - your soul’s work - inspire or burden you? 

A note on soul work…don’t expect it to be immediately (or possibly ever) “successful” in the outward way of followers or dollars. Be patient as it lives through you. I’m reminded of a story from one of my teachers who is now a well known and beloved yoga teacher around the world, Sianna Sherman. When Sianna first began teaching yoga, there were times when no one came to class. Instead of going home defeated, she set up mats and placed rocks on the mats to represent students. She taught to the rocks. Now her teaching rocks my world and many others!  

So, it doesn’t matter if no one is there to hear your soul song, sing it anyway, and someone will come. 
Bless you dear hearts,

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