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22. mystical musing: Your Word, Your Wyrd

(inspired by the Capricorn New Moon of 2016 and the New Year 2017)

Lovers, Dreamers, Magic-makers, write your Wyrd - your fate, your destiny - through your Words and actions. Think of Wyrd as the book of your life, filled with blank pages waiting for your Words - vibrations of your unique life force spoken into space, inscribing possibility out of the impossibly vast Void.

Call into the Void - speak freely and fully about what has meaning for you. Let it be known. Call in what you love. Catch the filaments of light that are tethered at the other end to your destiny. Creativity and inspiration shimmer through these threads - threads of fate, threads of meaning, threads of connection. These are the light filaments that can guide you even when you feel lost in limiting thought forms or belief patterns. Connect them into your mind, your heart, your dreaming body. 

Then…Dream. Create. Trust. Craft a beautiful vision for your life. Turn mental and emotional blocks into building blocks. Use your hands to manifest something out of nothing. For isn’t that what this world is? Something by, within, through and of the Great Nothingness. Bridge the worlds by aligning visions with thoughts with words with actions. Open to the extra-ordinary realities and super-natural forces of the Word and Wyrd. 

I invite you to reimagine the world you are living into. Choose a Word (or Words) for 2017. What do you long for? What delights your spirit? How can you give more generously? Are you willing to do the work? Are you willing to be uncomfortable as you step to the edge of the known world? Are you willing to trust your heart, and let the heart lead the way? Are you willing to create something new, something different, something True? Anything can happen. Everything is possible. 

Be of courageous heart. Disrupt the status quo. Say your Word, set your Wyrd. 

New Moon and New Year Blessings.

* The Guided Meditation is a journey into your Word.

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