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20. mystical musing: Social Media as a Sacred Pause

(inspired by social media “distractions”)

The other day, i was sitting in front of the computer trying to catch threads of inspiration and pull them in for a Mystical Musing. Unfortunately, i got pulled into a vortex of checking the phone every few minutes or so, mindlessly scrolling through post after post. You’ve had those days, right?

Then i thought: wouldn’t it be better to intentionally choose a time to interact on social media - to make that a sacred pause rather than a distraction? In this way, we appreciate posts as offerings of beauty and Soul-longings to be heard and seen. We acknowledge the power of connection through words and images. We also let the suffering of the world into our own hearts, and allow it to be felt and transmuted. As one of my dear sistars, Divine Harmony, often says: “we can’t heal what we can’t feel.” 

There is so much pain in this world, so many desperate calls for help. There is also great love and acts of comPASSION. Aleppo is in my heart and mind today as i read and watch the news. You, too, are in my heart as i read your posts and feel what matters most to you. These are not distractions to get lost in or games of propaganda to play into, but humanity and Gaia, the Earth herself, calling out for hearts, minds, prayers and actions. 

Each moment we can choose how to engage with the world - where and how to direct our energy. We can either play the role of victim to the twisted ways of technology and its power to create distance, or we can turn towards it and see/feel the beauty and grace that comes through.

I invite you today to really pause and shift perspective when you click on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, or whatever other source of social media you engage with. Gather up your compassion and empathy. Read with the eyes of your heart. Let even this assist you in living the Beauty Way and dreaming the world Awake. 

And…i invite you to put the phone down and step outside to receive the natural world into you. Recognize that we live in many worlds, and experience “reality” through multiple filters. Open your senses to All that is. Pause. Receive. Connect. 

* The Guided Meditation this week is a Sacred Pause, a moment to connect to the wonder and awe of All that is. 

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