Journey “From Competition & Comparison to Devotion & Mastery”

Lughnasadh 2019

A Co-Creation Hosted by Cinnamon Rose & Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane


This is a comprehensive course co-created for women and men as a guide through the Season of Lughnasadh. “From Comparison & Competition to Devotion & Mastery: reclaiming your will, drive, and self-worth” is designed to support you during the Lughnasadh Season, which takes us through late summer into early fall. We will illuminate how the current structure of competition and comparison shows up in our thoughts, behaviors, and language, and how it leaves us hollow, sourcing our self worth outside of ourselves, and disconnected from our true purpose and drive, as well as the will of Spirit. You will be given journal questions to help you personalize and integrate the teachings.

You’ll receive instruction around Energy Practices to reclaim your personal will, drive, discipline and devotion, as well as a Mudra Practice to create a physical blueprint for claiming your best and brightest. We will conclude with a Guided Meditation to discover your personal areas of genius, and dream into the next steps in your devotion to the mastery of the gifts you’ve been given.


  • Lughnasadh dates for your calendar

  • Journal Prompts (2 sets)

  • Written Reflections for Going Deeper and Taking Sacred Action

  • Root Chakra Cleaning, Clearing and Connecting Meditation (audio: 8.5 minutes)

  • Sacral Chakra Cleaning, Clearing and Connecting Meditation (audio: 8 minutes)

  • Solar Chakra Cleaning, Clearing and Connecting Meditation (audio: 9 minutes)

  • Garuda Mudra Practice (video: 7.5 minutes)

  • Lughnasadh Guided Meditation (audio: 27 minutes)

If you’re longing for a way to understand and embody the HUGE transformative and awakening energies moving through the cosmos and you, this class is it. You’re worth it and Gaia needs your Gifts!


Cinnamon Rose and Jennifer Marie Lane are priestess sisters in service to the Divine and humanity. We have co-created this Master Class for you, bringing together our gifts and insights. Together we teach about the Celtic Wheel of the Year, being in sync with the rhythms of Earth and Sky, remembering our birthright of Sovereignty, and living an embodied life connected to Gaia and Spirit. We create ritual and ceremony, bringing the mystical and magick into the mundane of everyday reality, and are channels for both collective energies and the will of Spirit. /

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Don’t wait! Lughnasadh is here and the world needs your gifts!

With Love and Lughnasadh Blessings,
Cinnamon & Jennifer