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Ignite Self-Love

- Aries New Moon
- April 15, 2018 @ 6:57pm PST
- elemental focus: fire
- body focus: energetic - spirit

Aries is the great initiator and ignitor. New Moons are initiators, as well. So, with the New Moon in Aries, we have a great fiery energy to ignite our dreams and passions! The fire is a powerful energy of creation and destruction. In the transformation is a chaos that destabilizes, burning through the obstacles that hold us back - inner and outer.  

There is no denying, we are going through intense transformations stemming from a trajectory set into motion many generations and choices ago. And, we have choice. We are blessed with access to so many tools of power, tools that refine the mind, expand the heart, strengthen the body, brighten the spirit, connect with the soul…tools of self love.

If you’re like me, you “know” so many ways to love yourself, but “knowing” is not the same as doing. So, go “do” some self love practices or rituals (the meditation for this week is one possibility!). Make self-love a sadhana - a dedicated practice. And then, of course, be love, and open the doors to infinite possibility!

There’s a sweet song I’ve been listening to since my little one was born. The lyrics go something like this: Beloved child, Go out and open doors with love, faith, compassion and grace. The song continues, reminding the child within that s/he is loved, s/he is light. So, go forth and spread light in the world. Dream your dreams, sweet, passionate, beautiful dreams.

Tell me, what will you do? How do you love? How big are you dreaming?

In Light and Love,

Beloved Beltane

Beauty Way