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75. mystical musing (lunar wisdom): Capricorn Body Prayer

(inspired by the Capricorn New Moon of 2018)
- 16 January, 2018 @ 6:17pm PST
- elemental focus: earth
- body focus: physical

New Moons carry the energy of initiation. With this Moon in the sign of Capricorn, you may be feeling the pull to initiate big change in the physical plane - the areas of structure, work and money in particular. You may be feeling a strong call to create something substantial, something with lasting value and meaning. 

This is because Capricorn calls us to a steadfast devotion to our work in this world through this body - feet on the earth, hands reaching out in service. This way of being is one of deep listening and sure action. Trust your intuition. Meditate or pray daily in some way. And, if you find you get lost in meditation with eyes closed, open your eyes. Eyes closed or open, see what you see when you go where you go in waking life and in dreams. Nature is always speaking, so all we must do is ask the questions, trust what we receive, and live full out.

So, how do you listen and receive nature’s wisdom, which is also the wisdom that lives in your bones? How do you optimize the power of this New Moon? Discern the best way forward and put your best foot forward. And what is best? Listen to your heart, and hear how your heart speaks with yourself and with Nature. Go inside and outside. Choose to initiate your dreams into being. Choose also to be initiated.

In Women Who Run With the Wolves, Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes says this of initiation: 

“Initiation is the process by which we turn from our natural inclination to remain unconscious and decide that, whatever it takes - suffering, striving, enduring - we will pursue conscious union with the deeper mind, the wild Self.”

What will it take for you to bring forth what is within you? What will it take to consecrate this union between mind and wild Self that ultimately creates a sacred third in the physical realm?

I feel that the union is one that must happen through the moving body - through a practice like yoga or ecstatic dance - what I like to call _body prayer_. In a body prayer, you set your feet on the earth; turn your heart to Gaia; focus your mind on taking one step at a time; then dance with a wild spirit. Do it all with Soul.

Create a body prayer ritual for yourself around the Capricorn New Moon, which will occur at 6:17pm PST on Tuesday, January 16. Music very often helps with the movement of spirit and emotion through the body, so feel into what moves you, feel into what will carry you out of the stagnation of unconsciousness.

Capricorn is connected to the bones - to the physical bones as well as to that which we know deep down in our bones - the marrow - the ancient memories. 

To begin, place your bare feet on the earth. Soften your knees. Rock your weight back into your heels, so you feel rooted. Draw your feet in towards each other, pulling from the periphery into the midline - the mudya - the sweet center. Then, breathe in full, wide and deep in all directions - circumferentially expanding through your ribcage. Lift your arms and from the center of your bones reach to the heavens. From deep down in the earth, rise. From the dormant seeds, awaken. From the darkness, light up the sky. From this place, turn on the music and dance.

When the dance comes to its end, kneel down and touch your forehead, then heart, then lower belly/womb space, then the Earth. With humble reverence, offer your prayers as nutrients to Gaia. Imagine the seeds below - physical and dream - swelling with the love flowing from your fingertips. Simple. Full. Alive. Real. This is it.

Sit on the earth. Bring your thumb tips to ringer-fingertips in prithivi mudra - earth mudra. Keeping this mudra, turn your palms down and feel the life force of the earth and your body aligned in harmony. Sit with this mudra for a time, as long as feels right, maybe until your mind pauses its meanderings and finds a path of manifestation, or rather moonifestation. Follow that path as long as feels right. Right deep down in your bones, rather than right according to the clock. Then again, rub your palms vigorously, building a strong heat at the center. Place your warm palms on your body wherever you need for as long as feels right. 

May this Capricorn New Moon initiate you into sacred ceremony, calling down to earth the mystical soul and magical spirit through a body prayer of radical embodiment. 

Blessed Be,

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