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at the risk of sounding crazy...

Do you know how sometimes those creative surges and rushes are crazy-making? No matter where I am – Stonehenge, California, Hawai’i – Litha brings out the Lilith or Medusa in me…there is something about the sun at his zenith that makes me feel all jumbled up and wild on the inside.

A. Litha 2013, Stonehenge; B. Litha 2015, Eternity Cove; C. Litha 2015, Altar; D. Litha 2015, Cave

A. Litha 2013, Stonehenge; B. Litha 2015, Eternity Cove; C. Litha 2015, Altar; D. Litha 2015, Cave

Here I am about to pull out my hair and scream into the wind YES YES YES and Oh NO Way Jose! Here I am standing at my altar, facing the golden light and XV/The Devil tarot. Here I am at Stonehenge, touching upon ecstatic joy and deep suffering. Here I am dancing the hokey pokey at the threshold of my cave, putting one foot in, taking one foot out, putting one foot in, then shaking all about!

Do you know that feeling, that crazy-making feeling?

I think some of us are born ready, and others are born into that space betwixt and between. I am the latter, but even for me, there comes a time, as Anais Nin says, when the risk to remain tight in a bud is more painful than the risk it takes to blossom. So, on that note, this wild crazy-feeling witchy lady has work to do!

What work? Oh, just some Beauty Love & Magic...

coming out

So, I am coming out of the cave to be with you in your personal and our collective Dreamtime. This is maybe like coming out of the closet, though I do not know for sure, and do not want to diminish the transformative nature of either. I am revealing some of my essence to you through one of my greatest loves and most potent medicines – Dreamtime. I have been steeping in the powerful medicine of Dreams for many years…through my own intuition, as well as 1:1 Jungian analysis, university classes, Esalen and Wisdom U. courses, the Priestess Path, and oh so many wonderful books.

In addition to and above and beneath and through the external titles/identities that I carry, I am a Dream Priestess, a Keeper of Secrets & Mysteries.

Perhaps this is a little woowoo for some of you. And perhaps others of you are also witches, priestesses, seers, oracles, prophetesses, sorceresses, healers, visionaries, and dreamers…and you know this language because you speak (or whisper) it, too.

However/But/And, I do love this cave of Mysteries, hidden from the eyes of this world, where I can dream and journey, apprenticing to the inner teachings, callings and longings of the Goddess and my Soul. (You may know the Goddess as God, the Universe, the All, the Great Unknown, the Christ…s/he goes by many names, and is not caught up on labels as we are in this third dimensional realm.) Maybe you also have a love of the metaphorical/metaphysical/mystical/mythical/magical caves? We can come in and out, enjoying extended forays into the light, and returning for deep rest in the comfort of the dark. Dreamtime can be one of our greatest allies in this pulsation – one of our greatest, deepest, truest sources of Wisdom.

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Blessed be.

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