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Men and women the world over are being called to gather in sacred circles of connection. The world is changing rapidly and seems like time is spinning faster and faster through the Weaver's hands. When we gather in circles with Ceremony & Ritual, we align with the new energies and paradigms being birthed into the world.

There are many communities developing online, and they serve a purpose in reaching out across the dimensions of time and space, so people from all over the world can be together. However, there is a special magic when we sit together, bless each other with the elements, look into each other's eyes, and share our stories and dreams. We are nourished by presence and touch - a hug, a hand on the knee, a smile, a gesture of connection and acknowledgement...

These gatherings are offered on a sliding scale - pay what and how you can. In traditional societies, the medicine woman would have been supported by her community - clothed, fed, housed, adorned...and in this culture, dollars are also a medium of exchange. 


    • dark and full moon circles
    • holy day gatherings
    • ODE dream circles
    • cacao circles
    • guided journeys
    • space clearing
    • cord cutting
    • handfastings & weddings
    • baby blessings
    Sacred Union 

    Sacred Union