The Dream Oracle Immersion

The Dream oracle immersion

This 3-month dream oracle immersion is for Dreamers - for those who remember and those who long to remember; for those who are called to dive into the deep waters of Dreamtime and fly through the vast skies of Soulspace. This is not for those who value quick answers and quick fixes, but for those who love the questions - the Quest. 

You will have the opportunity to work with me 1:1 through bi-monthly calls or in-person tea/coffee, and an interactive dream archive.

This Dreaming Quest will awaken more creativity and meaning in your life through your Dreams. You will become more conscious of those aspect in your life that need more care and attention. You will connect with Soul-God-Goddess-Ancestors-All That Is. You will invite more synchronicities and magic into your life. You will bring back messages from the Dreamtime to help your loved ones, community, Gaia...through dreaming, we can make the world a better place. We can Dream the World Awake.

2 1:1 calls or in-person meetings each month
Interactive dream archive
Optional bodywork sessions to help access cellular memory and embodiment for an additional fee

Soul Seeds Immersion

This day is upon us. The eternal has become urgent - urgent for our remembrance, urgent for our presence, urgent for our wholeness. Exquisite seeds have been scattered across the earth and planted in our hearts. It is imperative that we each tend the earth of our bodies and light of our spirits, so that we become a haven for our own soul seeds - a place where these seeds can take root, grow, blossom, fruit, seed and return once more.

  • Spring Session: planting & blooming  (bud)
  • Summer Session: ripening (fruit)
  • Fall Session: harvesting (seed)
  • Winter Session: releasing (return)

Soul Seeds is a haven for the warriors, healers, lovers, dreamers, activists and mystics.  This sacred space is intended to nurture the self-soul relationship through Earth wisdom inspired practices, body prayers and rituals.

Are you ready to plant your Soul Seeds and tend them through the living Wisdom of Earth and Stars? Join the circle and cultivate resources that will help you thrive! Remember the Soul Space that holds and guides you always, in all ways.

We begin with the Aries New Moon and continue through the Taurus and Gemini New Moons. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, the one who thrusts forward and leads the way! 
Spring packet: "bud & bloom"
1 group New Moon call each month: Aries, Taurus, Gemini
Additional practices throughout the 'moonth"
Weekly touchstones of remembrance, and moments of pause
$400 (or, $150/month for 3 months)
SPECIAL OFFER: free for all those enrolled in the As Above, So Below: Yoga Alchemy retreat this summer!