ODE: Oracular Dream Exploration

Throughout human memory, Dreamers have been keepers of Wisdom, prophets, oracles, shamans, and healers. Oracular Dream Exploration (ODE) is an amalgamation of years of study, Jungian psychoanalysis, esoteric practices, Dreaming and oracular experiences. It is an embodied devotional method of Dreamwork that leads to greater freedom, forgiveness, love and compassion.

Understand your soul language.
Trust your intuition. 

Follow your dreams.
Dream the world awake!

Dream oracle readings

Think of a dream oracle reading as similar to a Tarot reading, but instead of using cards, we work with the signs and symbols of your dreams. Your dreams connect you with the wisdom living and speaking through your personal consciousness. You can look at dream dictionaries for clues, but the full meaning is embedded within the context of a dream and life. A dream oracle reading provides insight into your Dreamtime and gives you practical steps for enriching your life and dreaming your world awake. 

  • $108 / session - in person or Zoom.

dream temples

Dream Temples are sacred circles for sharing and exploring dreams in community. We open the circle with a meditation, calling in our guides, allies, and wisdom counsels. Then we open the sacred space for a dream or several. 

Jennifer will share ways of engaging with and dreaming into the dreams. We all participate in the exploration of meaning and embodying the dreams. No prior experience necessary. All are welcome (even if you don’t have a dream, because her dream is his dream is your dream is my dream is our dream is The Dream!)

Bring a dream - it may be recent or from many years ago, as dreams are timeless. 

Introduction to Oracular Dream Exploration (ODE)

Introduction to Oracular Dream Exploration (ODE) is an online course introducing you to the mystical, mythical, palpable, actionable aspects of dream exploration. Learn the ways your Soul speaks through Dreams, and how you can bring those messages into waking life. MOVE more fluidly in and out of Dreamtime; FEEL a greater sense of wonder; DRINK from  your own deep well of wisdom and truth; BE nourished. 

ODE: A Guide to Dreaming the World Awake

Available on Kindle and iBooks!

Written by Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane with original artwork by    Katrin Kuttner

Written by Dr. Jennifer Marie Lane with original artwork by Katrin Kuttner

"ODE is a lovely, clear, coherent, accessible book. The breadth of experience in frames of reference is wonderfully broad, without being judgmental or intimidating - no small trick! Thank you for writing, and for bringing deep knowledge and wisdom about dreaming to an ever widening audience."
- Jeremy Taylor, D.Min.

the dream oracle sessions blog

There is an unseen life that dreams us. It knows our true direction and destiny. We can trust ourselves more than we realize and we need have no fear of change. 
- John O'Donohue -