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From Competition & Comparison to Devotion & Mastery

This is a comprehensive course co-created for women and men as a guide to reclaiming your will, drive, and self-worth. We will illuminate how the current structure of competition and comparison shows up in our thoughts, behaviors, and language, and how it leaves us hollow, sourcing our self worth outside of ourselves, and disconnected from our true purpose and drive, as well as the will of Spirit. PURCHASE HERE.

Creating Balance (in unbalanced times) - Gratitude, Integrity & Justice

The intention of this Course is to bring balance where there is imbalance, justice where there is injustice, order where there is chaos, consciousness where there is confusion, and gratitude wherever and however you are. The practices will help you navigate the transformations within and without with greater ease, self-awareness and compassion. You may enjoy doing these readings, practices and rituals alone or share them as inspiration for a circle gathering. PURCHASE HERE.

Click on the image to purchase the course!

Click on the image to purchase the course!

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Radiant Sundays

This guidebook takes you through 5 weeks of inspirational verse and devotional practices, including mudra, pranayama, mantra and meditation. It is inspired by Lorin Roche's translation of the Vijnana Bhairava Tantra (The Radiance Sutras) and based on our live courses that we offer throughout the year. COMING SOON.