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I offer subtle bodywork, dream temples and readings, yoga, gatherings, and retreats that evoke a deep sense of heart-soul connection, as well as online and 1:1 studies for continued integration and embodiment of the MYSTERY. 

Subtle Bodywork

Subtle Bodywork Sessions integrate gentle, precise touch with earth wisdom healing to enhance WholeSelf wellness, nerve communication, organ function and WholeSelf wellness. These alchemical sessions integrate Dr. Jenn's expertise in Network Spinal, brain balancing, therapeutic massage, energy medicine, yoga, FT, remedies, dreams and earth wisdom to create a sacred and transformative healing space. (Jennifer is a certified Network Spinal practitioner, but not currently practicing chiropractic.)

  • $180 initial / $108 follow-up

  • The Hive, 205 NW Franklin Ave, Bend, OR

Dream Temple

In a dream temple, we sit together in sacred ceremony, sharing and exploring our nighttime dreams, finding meaning and co-creating ways to live into our dreams and dream the world awake.

So, let’s dream together. Bring a dream, journal, and item for the central altar (candle, crystal, flower...). Because a single dream can change your life, and even the world. Because this is more important than you can imagine. Because you and your dreams matter.  As Dreamers, we are Cultural Creatives, Courageous Lovers, Luminous Warriors and Wisdom Keepers.   When you find and share your sacred dream, the creative power of the Universe allows you to create beauty in the world, and to heal yourself and others.

  • Sundays, 4-5:30pm

  • The Hive, 205 NW Franklin Ave, Bend, OR

  • $15 donation

Dream Oracle Readings

Think of a dream oracle reading as similar to a Tarot reading, but instead of using cards, we work with the signs and symbols of your dreams. Your dreams connect you with the wisdom living and speaking through your personal consciousness. You can look at dream dictionaries for clues, but the full meaning is embedded within the context of a dream and life. A dream oracle reading provides insight into your Dreamtime and gives you practical steps for enriching your life and dreaming your world awake. 

  • $108 / session - email, video call, or in-person

  • Explore more Dream Offerings

  • Read ODE: A Guide to Dreaming the World Awake available on Kindle and iBooks!


into the Living Mystery, Earth Wisdom, & Practical Magic

A year and a day immersion into the rhythms of the Earth with wisdom for the seasons and lunations. This is a specialized 1:1 program for those of you who are drawn to go deeper. You will receive 2 calls a month and additional support by email and text. Each season will include personalized Soulwork, as well as the following practices/lessons:

  • elemental and archetypal energies

  • hallow quests and rituals

  • personal embodiment of the universal, magical energies

Lunar Reflections, Meditations, Mudras & Rituals

As you journey with the Moon, you'll open to the Power of your Dreams and the Magic of the Moon in all Her phases of waxing (amplifying) and waning (releasing). You'll connect with nature's rhythm and find a deeper truth beneath the buzz of contemporary society. You'll begin to experience more synchronicities, intuitive knowings, and divine inspirations while waking and sleeping.

As a patron of the Lunar Wisdom Community, you'll be part of an ongoing and growing Moon Circle - a community of Dreamers around the world. Within this circle, you'll receive lunar reflections, rituals, meditations and body prayers focused on evoking radical embodiment and oracular dreaming. These offerings will be shared within a few days of each full and new moon. Those of you at the highest tier will receive a personal lunar call each month. 

Foundation Training

Foundation Training (FT) is a powerful practice that builds strength and resilience through intelligent postures and deep breathing, FT has helped thousands of people recover from chronic pains  and acute injuries. FT brings forth a deep felt sense of vitality in mind, body and spirit.


Jennifer's earth-based approach to yoga is inspired by the Beauty of the natural world and embodied life. Her classes are journeys of grace, strength and joy with unique sequences that flow with healthy biomechanics. She encourages her students to compassionately explore their full range of possibility through breath, movement, mudra and meditation.

Strengthen the Vessel

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes describes the body as the loyal consort of the soul. I would add that the body is the vessel of Spirit (life force, prana, chi, or however you name that ineffable power that moves and inspires).
Strengthen the Vessel is a practice that combines Foundation Training, meditation, mantra and mudra to cultivate strength and resiliency in the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies.
Join Dr. Jenn in this practice of discovery, transformation and awakening.


"Awaken to the mystery of being here and enter the quiet immensity of your own presence. Have joy and peace in the temple of your senses...May you experience each day as a sacred gift woven around the heart of wonder."
- John O'Donohue -