Soul Seeds - Spring Season

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Soul Seeds - Spring Season


Three "moonths" tending the Soul seeds from bud to bloom. We begin on March 27 with the Aries New Moon, and continue through the Taurus and Gemini New Moons.



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In this journey together, we will cycle through the seasons and lunations, learning through the rhythms of nature, rituals, dreams and body prayers. We will nurture remembrance of the Soul Space that holds and guides us always in all ways. In this way, we will rise to the occasion, take the risks to blossom, and be fully available for the Great Work - in all its beautiful wildness. 

Spring Session: "bud & bloom" begins February 26, registration open)


  • Spring packet: "bud & bloom"
  • 1 New Moon call each month
  • Additional practices throughout the 'moonth"
  • Weekly touchstones of remembrance, and moments of pause